3 Ways to Improve Your Kids’ Handwriting Today

Improve Your Kids' Handwriting

My goal is to help parents and teachers improve your kids’ handwriting.

For those who don’t already know me, I’m Nicole Santamaria, founder of Miami Handwriting, occupational therapist for over 20 years. 

So many of you have been boots on the ground with your child’s learning. You’re getting your fingers into how they’re learning, what they’re good at, what you thought they were good at and what they are really struggling with.

Believe it or not, within this last year, I’ve had so many phone calls from parents that have been saying, “Hey, now that I’m really in tune with how my kids are learning and what they’re learning, I need to help them with their handwriting.” 

Another thing I hear from parents is, “Well, now that I’m taking more responsibility on their day-to-day learning, I want to also take advantage and really help them with their handwriting because I see how much they struggle with this.”

Stop Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall!

We live in such a great time where we can Google and Pinterest our way through anything. We can almost do brain surgery with YouTube! 

It gets exhausting because you get this magical tip and you try it and it doesn’t work. Then you look over here and you have another tip and it doesn’t work. You order this from Amazon and it doesn’t work. 

Prefer to watch this content? Click the play button on my video below! 

What I’m here to tell you is, when it comes to what to do to improve your kids’ handwriting, you can stop throwing spaghetti at the wall! 

I’m gonna tell you about my Real Life Handwriting Resource Guide!

It’s packed with over 30 pages of information about seven tried-and-true tips, techniques and strategies that parents, and more importantly kids, actually take really well to and make a big difference in improving their handwriting skills. So you can stop the searching and the Googling! 

Improve Your Kids’ Handwriting with The Real Life Handwriting Resource Guide

Let’s get into some of the amazing goodness in this Handwriting Resource Guide that will help you improve your kids’ handwriting! 

1. Letter Size

Make the biggest impact on legible handwriting with the letter size guide that’s included in the Real Life Handwriting Resource Guide! 

2. Research That Supports Handwriting 

Current research that stomps all your doubts on whether handwriting is important or not, from preschool to college. (Hint: The research says YES!) This is actually my favorite part of the whole guide.

3. Why Your Handwriting Workbook Isn’t Working

Most handwriting workbooks can be trashed!  Inside this guide you’ll find out why most handwriting workbooks usually don’t work. Instead, check out my Legible Handwriting for Kids Foundations, which has a step-by-step plan that works on foundations and not just random practice. 

4. The Golden Rules of Spacing

Spacing is the second factor in improving handwriting. The Golden Rules of Spacing includes a guide and video on how to incorporate spacing between letters and words for your child.

5. The “Lazy” Writer

How many times have you heard, or have you even said, “Oh my! My kid is just being lazy because when they slow down try, they really get it.”

This guide unpacks that thinking and reframes it so you as a parent can be in a position where you can actually put some things in place that can help your child.

6. The Secret to Legible Print 

A lot of times I get parents asking, “Oh, but are we going to work on letter formation?” In The Secret to Legible Print, you’re going to learn how sizing and spacing make so much more of an impact on handwriting that letter formation issues usually clear right up! 

7. Two Things You Must Do to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting (Even If You’ve Tried Before)

Find out the two things that you should do whenever you’re trying to remediate, teach or have some kind of an intervention for handwriting, even if you’ve already tried it before! 

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When it comes to what to do to improve your kids’ handwriting, you want to make sure you have a step-by-step plan that has been proven. 

We don’t want you to be throwing spaghetti at the walls because that just makes a mess. 

Once you have a plan, you’ve got to keep doing it. It’s not a one, two quick fix. Executive functioning skills aren’t a quick fix. Motor skills aren’t a quick fix. And handwriting is not a quick fix either.

This big meaty, juicy, handwriting resource guide is now available to you. It will eliminate you having to search and figure out all on your own how to help your kids’ handwriting. 

So go ahead click this link to download the FREE Real Life Handwriting Resource Guide to help you improve your kids’ handwriting today! 

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