The Astonishing Benefits Of NeuroNet Learning And Why It Helps Kids

This is my fast-track program for independent kids. I have been working with Neuronet Learning since 2016. The benefits of this program have blown me away!

But what exactly is it? The NeuroNet, meaning in scientific terms, is an interconnected system of neurons, as in the brain or other parts of the nervous system. When you think of NeuroNet Learning, think about using your whole body to help connect what you are learning to your brain and get it to stick there.

What Exactly Is NeuroNet Learning?

The Step Up to Learn Program helps children develop skills in areas of listening for meaning, imitation, executive functioning, automaticity, or having speed and accuracy when processing information, sounds, words, and working memory. This program helps children learn to push through their struggles and gain the confidence they need to complete hard tasks!

All of those skills will translate into improvement in math skills, reading skills, and other skills your child will need in their everyday life!

NeuroNet Learning + Occupational Therapy= Success

Occupational therapy aims to have independence with life skills at home, school, or on the playground.  NeuroNet aims to create independent learners who can move around while learning and use their whole body to understand different skills like math fluency, handwriting, and more.   So, just like peanut butter and jelly OT and NeuroNet are a perfect match-up! I have been a giddy/proud super freakin’ excited NeuroNet Step Up to Learn provider since February 2017. 

This Blended OT program is a way for your family to have the best of both worlds. All you have to do is invest 15-20 minutes a day to help your struggling learner. Who’s in? 🙋‍♀️

And to me, it sounds a lot easier than hours of struggling with a frustrated child.

If this is you, click here, and we can connect and set up a discovery call!

Who can benefit from blended OT and NeuroNet Learning?

Any child can benefit from this blended program. Even adults can benefit from it.

Anyone that comes to me for an OT issue for handwriting or executive functions gets me with my OT hat on, but I also have my Neuronet glasses on. 

me wearing a cowboy hat and heart glasses ready to start NeuroNet Learning

 I automatically put on my NeuroNet Learning glasses with any kid (or adult) that struggles with:

  • Attention
  • Coordination
  • Academics 
  • Processing Speed
  • Clumsy
  • Feeding
  • Life skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Problem-solving

If any of these sounds like your kid, set up a call!

This YouTube video goes a little bit more into processing speed which is our ability to take in information and figure out what to do with it in a timely manner. Fluency, problem-solving, and coordination are all a part of processing speed, and NeuroNet Learning helps with all of them!

Benefits of NeuroNet Learning

I can tell you about the research behind NeuroNet  I can talk to you about neural connections happening in the brain.  I can tell you how NeuroNet activates mirror neurons to boost independence.  


But what gets me most excited is the changes I  see in the kids and the benefits the families receive that invest in the blended OT and Neuronet Learning program.

Here’s why I get so freakin’ excited about Blended OT with NeuroNet…after a few sessions, kids have been able to:

  • listen to entire stories
  • Make their bed independently (I didn’t say perfectly 😉)
  • Wake up independently
  • Initiate and sustain attention to complete assignments
  • Improve balance
  • Be confident at home and at school 
  • Sit through dinner at a restaurant
  • Shower independently
  • Answer questions when called on
  • Ask questions (this is a big win)
  • Try new foods and even like some of them.
  • Wait for their turn- can you say self-control
  • Write name- from scribbles to name
  • Read aloud-like in a church in front of an entire congregation
  • Increased appetite eating more of what they like is still a win for picky eaters
  • Increased balance when standing on a bench think water fountain and sinks
  • Improved handwriting
  • Improved academics

But how are children able to do all of the things mentioned? The NeuroNet program encourages children to take on challenges in many areas such as hand-eye coordination, cognitive ability, balance, and language. They become better at predicting, and their confidence rises.  

It also works with helping kids with motor planning, attention, multi-sensory processing and academics. Making it the perfect home program or when kids need a little extra help after a weekly OT session.

Benefits of NeuroNet Learning

There are a lot of benefits of NeuroNet Learning. The biggest one is that it is made for kids and they love it! It also helps: 

  • Visual Perceptual
    • Fixation
    • Peripheral
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Automaticity of skills
  • Attention
  • Balance
  • Self-awareness


Don’t believe me? Check out the research here.

You can even read a little more about the program here

I use this program to work on improving motor coordination, handwriting, visual motor skills, language, and general learning skills.

 If I have a client with delays in educational goals, I always think of NeuroNet. If I have a client with delays in handwriting, I always think of NeuroNet Learning. I always think of NeuroNet Learning if I have a client with delays in processing skills. Then, if I have a child that I just can’t quite seem to make progress with and I haven’t yet tried NeuroNet, I will use it!! 

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