Best Tips to Develop Executive Function Skills

It seems as if executive skills are all the buzz these days. Can I tell you how I really feel?

I Love It!

I love that executive skills are being talked about by parents, teachers, and other professionals. Now, can I tell you why?

Executive skills get better with practice. Period.

Now getting started and getting it to stick is another story.

I have talked about getting middle school Systems for Success.

In this video I talk about the #1 thing that improves most executive skills is good old-fashioned lists. 

Unfortunately, we can’t just have the kids make a list and, and then not check in with them. They need that from us.

That brings us to the missing link in most interventions that are meant to improve executive skills…. accountability.

Now hold on!

Accountability does not mean we “do”, hover and micromanage.  That gives the child the message that he’s kinda useless and need us for everything.

What it does mean is that we the awsome adult AND the kiddo do the following:

  1. Come up with a plan on how to help the area they are struggling in.
  2. Agree on the type and amount of accountability needed.  (This is non-negotiable.)  They will look you in the eye and tell you they “got it” and they can do it alone.  No.
  3. Agree on the expectations for scaling back the accountability.  Ahhh…..this is the sweet spot.
  4. Monitor for consistency.

See how this is VERY different from the micromanaging with no end or goal in sight.

Trust me y’all parenting is a long journey you want these kids to have the best-developed executive skills possible not only for academics but for Real Life.

Watch the VLOG to get Best Tips to Develop EF Skills.

There is also a way to Set up Systems for Middle School Success.

When you are done send me a message and let me know what you think.

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