Develop Your Child’s Executive Function Skills

Have you been hearing all of the talk about executive function skills or executive skills disorder? I feel like everywhere we look, executive skills are on the tip of everybody’s tongue.  My video Develop Your Child’s Executive Function Skills is all about this topic. Keep reading to learn more!

Why You Need to Develop Your Child’s Executive Function Skills

You may be wondering what exactly these skills are and why they are so important.

Executive function skills are self-management skills that your child needs not only for academics but for home, work and their future as a human in this awesome world we live in. 

Some examples of these skills are – 

  • Keeping track of time
  • Organizing their materials for school
  • Paying attention
  • Staying on track
  • Following multi-step directions

Good News About Executive Function Skills!

If you’ve noticed your child struggling with any of these skills – there’s some good news for you.

Executive function skills are something that develop from a very young age all the way to, hold onto your hats here, folks, the age of 25!

This means that there’s still time for your child to improve their executive skills.  I feel like not a lot of parents know this important fact about executive skills development. 

With the right strategies and the right interventions, your child can develop all of these skills. 

Even Better News!

Here’s some even better news – the Real Life Executive Skills Strategies program is coming your way soon! If you’re interested in developing your child’s executive skills, this is for you! 

For more information, go ahead and fill out the application form at this link >>

As soon as I open up the program, you will be the first to know.

Want more resources on executive skills while you wait?

Check out this post on Best Tips to Tips to Develop Executive Function Skills. 

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