Get the 2 Basics Checked for an Easier School Year!

Just a friendly reminder to get the basics checked out on your student during this very strange summer.

You know, hearing and vision.

Don’t be like me.

This is my youngest at the eye doctor last November.

His reply was “Oh wow!  I didn’t know what I wasn’t seeing.”


Yes,  apparently he had been having horrible blurred vision for months and we didn’t know about it.

Ok, we may have skipped the recommended yearly eye exam for a few years.

One would think it wasn’t such a big deal except it was.

  • Copying from the board was exhausting.
  • Following along with lessons as teachers were explaining was really exhausting.
  • Reading signs in a crowded hallway while navigating a mob of middle-schoolers was challenging at the beginning of the school year.

Luckily he adapted to contact lenses and is now experiencing the world with 20/20 vision.

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It is a Big Deal!

These subtle challenges that aren’t a “big deal” is where I see so many kids and students get stuck.  So often WE think it’s not such a big deal.  Except that it is.

Kids that forget.

Kids that can’t focus.

Kids that can’t sit still.

Kids that are always relying on mom or dad.

Students that can’t find their stuff.

Students that can’t read. (This one always breaks me.)

Kids that can’t produce legible writing without maximum effort.

They don’t know how much harder it is for them than everyone else.

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Get Your Child the Help They Need

So if you have a child student at home this summer get the basics (hearing and vision) checked.  And if you suspect they could use some support in other areas of life get them the help they need as soon as you can.

Help can look like hiring a professional to work with your child.

It can also look like you showing up with better information that supports your kiddo.  This can be done by getting as much information and resources as you can to implement solutions at home.

Both options are AWESOME.

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