Easily Teaching Preschoolers To Write: OT Approved Trips and Tricks

how to prepare preschools to learn how to write

One of the questions I get all the time from parents of young children is, “What can we do to prepare preschoolers to learn how to write?” So let’s discuss all the ins and outs when it comes to teaching preschoolers to write.

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This is a valid and important question. As parents and teachers of young children, we want to do everything we can to make sure Little Johnny and Little Susie are set up for success.

There’s a lot of information out there about what you could do, but in today’s post, I want to set the record straight for what exactly we can do when it comes to teaching preschoolers to write and what actually matters for handwriting success.

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The How To When Teaching Preschoolers To Write

How do we prepare these little ones for handwriting, and what exactly do we do when teaching preschoolers to write?

little girl standing in overalls and a pink tank top in a preschool classroom

You need to learn about the development of handwriting and let that be your roadmap.  

, There’s so much nonsense and unnecessary pressure coming from college admissions and trickling down like a small avalanche from high school, middle school, and elementary all the way to our early childhood classes. I am constantly reminding early childhood teachers that they are the boots on the ground, the front line when it comes to making sure development happens!

While these three-year-olds are in school, they are learning so many things.

  • During dress-up, they are practicing activities of daily living.
  • Sitting in circle time, they are learning about body awareness. 
  • Climbing playground equipment gives them information about the body and space. 
  • Building a block tower with 3 other three-year-olds, they are definitely practicing how to share.
  • Independent play lets them practice self-regulation.  
  • Labeling their day lets them experience and predict routines. 
  • Puzzles, pegs, cutting, and coloring bombard their visual motor and fine motor skills.
  • Using tools like shovels, tongs, paint brushes, and droppers are a deep dive into in-hand manipulation skills 
  • Clay, sand, fingerpaint, chalk, and food play develop and regulate the tactile system.

That’s how it’s done! These are things that actually help prepare little ones to learn how to write. Although you may be thinking that none of these things are actually teaching preschoolers to write.

I know none of the mentioned experiences include pencil and paper, but all of these things are very much the building blocks we need our little ones to have so that they can be ready to begin that prewriting stage. At this early preschool phase, formal handwriting shouldn’t be included, especially at the expense of any of the developmentally appropriate activities. 


All the experiences in a three-year-old class are preparing their little hands to be ready for the prewriting stage.

Don’t skip what happens in this three-year-old stage because it is the foundation for success. I know that sounds cheesy, but when teaching preschoolers to write, they need to have many skills before grabbing paper and a pencil.

They will use these experiences during their late threes and early fours, transitioning them into kindergarten.

The Handwriting Readiness Club for Early Writer

You may be thinking there is no way you are going to be able to wrap your head around teaching preschoolers to write! Whether you are a teacher, homeschooling parent, or just someone who is looking to get your child ready for writing. I have the perfect resource for you. My step-by-step handwriting guide is the perfect resource. It shows you exactly HOW to correctly prepare your early writer for handwriting success and avoid any future legibility traps

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The Handwriting Readiness Club makes it easy for parents and teachers to know which prewriting activities are necessary and which skills are most important for early writers to develop.

You’ll get a step-by-step game plan, video demonstrations, printable handouts, and tons of fun hands-on activities for your kiddos that have been tested by real students, all in one easily accessible online portal. 

The Handwriting Club includes activities to develop the most important prewriting skills for preschoolers and early writers, such as gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and visual perception skills. 

Students who struggle with messy handwriting (who often lack basic handwriting foundations) can also benefit from the skills and activities in the Handwriting Readiness Club!

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Don’t feel overwhelmed when you start teaching preschoolers to write it can seem like they will never understand. But, I promise you they will!

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