Executive Function Coaching: What 3 Things Should Parents Look For?

What are the benefits of executive function coaching for parents? To answer this question, I would need to coach you on how to build executive functioning skills for your kids. So, we will go over three reasons that cover the benefits of executive skills coaching for parents.

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6 examples of things parents can help with after executive function coaching

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A GOOD Executive Function Coaching Program for Parents

These are three things you should look for when trying to find the right course for you and your family. A coaching program is supposed to hold your hand and be your partner every step of the way. You should not feel alone.

Good Foundation

A good executive function coaching program will give you a good foundation in executive function skills. 

It should also help you figure out what your executive functioning strengths and weaknesses are, in addition to what your kids’ executive functioning strengths and weaknesses are. Why do we want to know about the parents if we’re really working on the kids?

Well, because if your child is struggling with organization, and guess what, you struggle with organization, you’re going to need support in these areas to help your child with the skill that you are struggling with yourself. So that’s why it’s always good to have the parents and the kid’s executive skills, even though we’re working on improving the kids’ executive skills.

Help With Planning

A good executive functioning coaching program will give you a plan. 

You’re not haphazardly pulling information from Google or Pinterest so that you can help your child. We’re going to know the strengths, and we’re going to know the weaknesses, and we’re going to understand where in real life the child is struggling so that we can put our attention and energy into that section. 

Keeps You Accountable

A good executive function coaching program will keep you accountable. 

This is actually one of the favorite parts of the executive function coaching program that I do.

You are FULL of great information. There’s so much information being thrown at you nowadays, especially since you’ve been looking for help. Having a step-by-step plan to help develop your kid’s executive functioning skills that won’t drive you totally insane is key in a coaching program. That accountability piece is what you need.

If you think you’re ready to start an executive function coaching program. I have a couple of programs you might like!

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Executive Function Resources 

There is a lot of fantastic information about executive functions available, and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share some of them with you!

Smart But Scattered Kids has many great resources on its website. One of my favorites is a chapter written by Dr. Peg Dawson titled Best Practices in Assessing and Improving Executive Skills.

If you are looking for a scientific series, the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University has a great executive functioning guide.

I know Podcasts are all the rage right now, and if you’d rather listen to something or don’t have the time to sit and read an entire article or study. I have several different videos focused on executive functioning skills!

Executive Functioning Skills: What are they? Why are they important?

Two Executive Functioning Skills for Middle Schoolers

If, after reading all of this information and/or watching the videos, you feel you could use some help and coaching. I invite you to join my membership, which is primarily for parents like you who want to be intentional in building executive functioning skills for their child. 

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