How Miami Handwriting was Born.

[sg_popup id=”529″ event=”hover”][/sg_popup]Many many moons ago I had the privilege of working in one of the best private pediatric clinics in Miami.  We were a dynamic team of OTs, PTs, and SLP. We had the best mentors-the staff was always available. We had the best training- we had instructors from all over the world.  The best support system-we had a psychologist to support us during the, especially challenging cases. The older I get and the farther away that first setting gets the more I realize what a gem of a place it was especially for a new graduate.


There is one thing that stands out in my mind,  whenever a parent would ask about handwriting we would tell them we did not “do” handwriting.  We suggested they could look for a teacher or perhaps a student to practice with them. For Real!  


In all honesty, we were so “good” and we really had so many things we were working on that handwriting was on the bottom of the list. Heck, it was not even on the list! We were working on the foundations needed for success at home and school.


Years later,  I was in the midst of taking care of babies, preschoolers, school-age duties, working very little.  I slowly came to see there was a huge gap in the circle of intervention and teaching. (Looking back I must have been very busy because I took me quite a while to see this.) After all, if clinic OT didn’t have time to address handwriting skills and teachers didn’t have the time or the training where were these kids to get help.  Well, the magical unicorns and magic wands were not doing their jobs so now what? Hence, Miami Handwriting was born.


I had a very good foundation as a therapist.  I had great insight on development as I was the thick of my parenting journey.  I am a life long learner so I went to Orlando, Fl for Handwriting Without Tears Training.  I then proceded to complete the requirements for a Level I Handwriting Specialist.

I first started seeing kids at my house,  then I even did home visits.  Today,  I have a beautiful office space within Stop Parenting Alone. Here I see children for one on one services.  I meet with parents and guide them on how they can best support their child.  I also serve the community with professional development and teacher training.


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