Let me tell you a secret about legible handwriting.

I’m going to share a secret with you so come close.  The secret to legible handwriting is letter size and don’t forget it!   


The thing with handwriting is that our kids need to learn letter size.  They don’t learn it with magic wands and flying unicorns we have to teach them. 


Just like we have to teach them spacing and the Golden Rules of Spacing.

Just like we have to teach them how to properly hold a pencil.  

Just like we have to teach them that one block plus two blocks are three blocks.  


These are all foundational skills that our kids need.


Here are 3 ways to make sure your kids really learn and use letter size:

  1. Make sure we are very specific when teaching it. Let’s not assume that they will just notice the difference in letter size. Y’all if their visual perceptual skills are off just even by a little bit. They might not get that “e” has to be smaller than the letter “f.” So make sure we teach it and go over it again and again.  
  2. Let’s give them plenty of opportunities to experience letter size.  Right? Let’s not have them learn it at the same time as we’re having them write it. There are a million different activities you can do to teach it, but just know that the more they experience it the more it’s going to stick with them.  
  3. I’m the OT so you know I am all about multi-sensory experiences.  Give them everything you got- shaving cream, outside, chalk, rocks, whatever you got to let them experience it.  Let them have multi-sensory experiences and be specific and implicit when you are talking to them about letter size. 


So I know when we get tips like these we’re all like, “Oh, these are so great! I’m going to do them.” But I also know our brains are programmed to forget. 


I’ve got you covered. I have a cheat sheet all about letter size. Grab it HERE. 


Watch video HERE


This is one secret we can share so go ahead and let me know how it goes with the letter size.