NeuroNet Learning Model: The Advantages of Easily Learning Through Movements

Let’s chat a minute about NeuroNet Learning. It is a fantastic program I have been using since 2017, and I absolutely love it! The NeuroNet Learning model blends itself so well with occupational therapy services and has some amazing benefits. So what is the NeuroNet Learning model, and why does it help? 

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Who Does NeuroNet Learning Model Help?

The first goal when blending NeuroNet Learning with occupational therapy is promoting independence.  Occupational therapy and NeuroNet Learning are pretty much peanut butter and jelly, and they go together perfectly! 

The company developed this program for any child struggling with attention, coordination, academics, motor skills, feeding, and more. I absolutely love using this program with clients who lack or struggle with self confidence! You’ll see why I love using it with them in a minute. 

I look at anyone who comes into my office, whether for an OT evaluation, executive functioning coaching, or a handwriting program, from two different points of view. My OT point of view and my NeuroNet Learning. I like to say I always have my “NeuroNet Learning glasses” on. 

woman with brown hair and black shirt with red heart shaped glasses and white cowboy hat

I know this program has helped so many children and has often gotten us to our goal faster! 

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NeuroNet Learning Model

So, what the heck is NeuroNet Learning?

When clients come into my office and ask why I am recommending we use this program, I often explain to them that it is a hybrid program. Being a hybrid program means we will work on some of it during sessions while other parts have to be done at home. 

The creators of this program have done years of research, and it’s currently used in hundreds of schools in 17 counties. 

There is a ton of data showing how well this program works. Pretty much this program relays on neural connections. In a nutshell, the NeuroNet Learning Model helps create connections between the left side of the brain and the right side using kinesthetic learning, rhythm, and repetition.

neurons lit up in yellow to sure the neurons connecting with the neuronet learning model

The NeuroNet Learning Model uses different research-based learning programs. 

These programs give students structured, sequential exercises for perceptual-motor development. Sequential exercises mean the program adds new activities as the student advances through the program. But they build on top of the activities the student already worked on and hopefully mastered. 

This learning model helps the neural networks. While completing these exercises, the neuron connections are still forming or becoming deep neural networks because the student does it repeatedly in new and fun ways. 

A neuronet brain can make connections quickly, and the more fluent a child is with basic reading, math, and handwriting skills, the better they can learn more complex concepts in higher grades.

Quick List of NeuroNet Learning Model Benefits

There are so many benefits of the NeuroNet Learning model I just can’t list them all in this post. 

You can grab a copy of the list here!

Here’s the quick list of some of the improvements and changes parents, teachers, and myself have seen in children.

  • Ability to listen to a whole story
  • Independently make the bed
  • Improved balance
  • Improved confidence
  • Ability to wait their turn
  • Improved handwriting
  • Sensory processing 

I have seen children with food issues try new foods because they are so much more confident in themselves and understand they have control of their body’s core.

child siting at a table wit a blue plate and cup holding a piece of cheese

I had a student go on stage during a class performance and actually read a poem after working through the NeuroNet Learning model. Something she would never have felt confident enough to do or been able to do due to her reading abilities before the program. 

Another little boy had no confidence in himself. He felt like he could not do anything right and was always angry at himself. He now reads in front of his classmates and is confident in many of his abilities.

Is The NeuroNet Learning Model Right For My Child?

I think the NeuroNet Learning program is right for most kids. 

But if your child is struggling with reading, writing, and math fluency, and they need to gain confidence in those skills. Book a call!

If your child is struggling with completing tasks independently or their handwriting is very challenging to read. Book a call

If you just want more information on how a blended NeuroNet Learning and OT session would work. Book a call

Don’t forget to grab my list of NeuroNet Learning benefits before you go! 

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