Real Life Results - you'll love!

Improving attention, memory, coordination, and function at home and in the classroom with Interactive Metronome home.  

You are looking for solutions for your kids. You have been going round and round. You want solutions and strategies that actually fit into your real life.

I can help. You will be raving about how easy it is.

Will your child benefit from Intereactive Metronome with occupational therapy services?

Let’s find out….

Does your child

  • Struggle with the details needed to easily succeed at home and school?
  • Have difficulty with daily self-care activities?
  • Struggle to start or complete activities at home or school?
  • Making frequent errors copying from the board? 
  • Are they always forgetting something?
  • Appear clumsy?
  • Avoid certain textures or foods?
  • Have a heck of a time reading their handwriting? Even “hate” writing?
  • Struggle with school academics or organizing?

If you find yourself saying “Oh Yeah!” to any of these, then run; don’t walk to learn more about Intereactive Metromone home.  

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Here's how occupational therapy services can help...

Parent Consults

It takes a village! You are the key to your child shining at home, in the classroom, and on the playground. Parent consults give you the very best information and support for you to help your child.

Handwriting Program

Having automatic, easy and legible handwriting is needed for today's student. You can get proven handwriting remideation and support for your struggling writer.

Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills are the foundation for your kids transition to independent functioning at home or school. They need to be developed let me show you how easy it can be!

Classic Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy will help your child develop skills they need to function to their highest potential at home, school, or on the playground—blended OT program with Neuronet program.

Additional resources

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