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What if you could improve your child’s handwriting with an easy to follow, step-by-step proven method? Well, I have just the solution. LHK is a doable handwriting program that takes your child from accuracy to fluency resulting in automatic legible handwriting. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

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The Handwriting Club gives parents an easy step-by-step guide so that they will be able to provide experiences that will develop prewriting skills, so the transition from prewriting to writing will be seamless and easy!


After missing 1 -2 years of instruction, your child missed more than you thought.  Missing the basics of handwriting foundations will catch up to them sooner or later.  These 3 lessons will fill in the gap and put your child on the path to legible handwriting. 

"Nicole is a competent heart-centered occupational therapist who is passionate about equipping our children with empowering skills that will set them up for success. "
Dr. Betsy Guerra
Better with Betsy
I just watched the first video. I am SO impressed! So much action-based information. It really got me thinking about how I was going to apply these skills more intentionally.
R. Davies
Mom and author of The third wheel teacher blog

Help Develop Your Child's Thinking and Doing Skills!

Executive Function Solutions Workshops On Demand

🆕From Procrastinator to Productive

Say goodbye to nagging as you empower your child to conquer procrastination. Transform your house into a hub of productivity. Discover three steps to boost productivity at home and in school.

Executive Functioning Stregths Plan

Fast-track your child's thinking and doing skills. Get expert feedbak on your child's executive function abilities. Receive a detailed plan and practical everyday experiences designed to nurture and enhance their executive functioning skills for Real Life success.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Lets figure out what's holding your smart student from shining at home and in the classroom. One on one coaching will support your student and make permanent progress. 💥 Fall registration now OPEN

3 Executive Functioning Workshops

Unlock your child's full potential with our workshop bundle focusing on working memory, time awareness, and organization. Enhance their cognitive abilities, boost academic performance, and set them up for success.


Real Life OT Parent Consults can help with any area that impacts home, school, or on the playground.  Having parents be an active part of the solution brings about the best results for a fraction of the price.

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Here is what families are saying:

“This brought me back to what I had forgotten- my 4 year old needs to play to really develop his skills.” 

“Finally!  After meeting with Nicole my husband and I left feeling empowered knowing we had tools to help our child’s development.”

“This makes so much sense.  I wish I would have called you sooner.  I feel like I have a chance of helping my son navigate middle school.” 

“We left feeling like we could truly support our son at home and share this with the school team.”