Teacher Training for the Modern Classroom

Exciting, useful and easy to do professional development

 As an educator, finding the best teacher training can be frustrating and challenging.  Bridging the gap between the therapy room and the classroom is a little unknown secret to having success for all the students! This teacher training program is like no other. 

Snooze free PD

No more snoozing during the obligatory professional development. This teacher training will leave you educated, entertained, and inspired.

Impliment the very next day.

You will be able to embed the skills learned into your classroom the very next day.

Use with the entire class

Apply new skills with all your students, even those struggling.

Get all your questions answered

Every workshop and talk has flexibility for questions and case studies.

teacher training program

“The Growing Place has worked with Nicole Santamaria since 2014. She provides our staff with professional development training and provides ongoing support to our staff and children when needed. Our biggest take away from working with Nicole is that we are gaining a more in depth understanding of children’s development, especially in the area of fine motor skills and early handwriting skills. What our staff especially enjoys is the hands-on practical workshop settings where they learn about activities and strategies that they can implement in the classrooms. Understanding child development and learning how we can support children in our daily classroom practice, builds confidence and adds to the quality of our staff’s teaching skills.”

-Corina Decker, The Growing Place Director

Pick Your Path

When picking professional development for your staff we will work with you to design teacher training for your staff.  We can customize the learning path for your needs. From one hour class to a week  certification.

 Feel free to check out the most popular topics covering executive functioning in the classroom, sensory in the classroom and handwriting development, instruction and remediation in the classroom.

From the Classroom and Beyond ©

Learn how to develop the thinking executive functioning skills right in your classroom. You will know how to tweak and scale activities you are already using so that executive skills are being developed in a way that extends beyond the classroom.

From the Classroom and Beyond 2.0 ©

Learn how to develop the doing executive functioning skills with your everyday activities.  You will learn how to easily enhance activities you are already doing so that executive functioning skills are developed.

Support Executive Functioning©

Learn how to easily and intentionally embed executive functioning skill development within your classroom. Your class will be organized, efficient and independent learners. 

Why Do They Do That? ©

This professional development will explain the 7 sensory systems and how they can affect regulation.  This information will give teachers a new perspective when dealing with challenging behavior. management. 

How Can We Help Them? ©

This professional development will give hands on strategies that will organize each of the 7 sensory systems.  This information will add to the teacher’s “bag of tricks” for classroom management. 

Sensible Sensory Classroom ©

Your teachers will have the tools and words to label the feeling associated with the sensory system.  They in turn can “teach” the students what they are feeling and appropriate options to deal with it. 

Handwriting: The OT Perspective ©

This professional development will explain how to teach handwriting and the visual and fine motor skills that go with it.  This professional development will take the teachers from pre-K readiness to print to cursive.  This can be applied to any curriculum.

Stepping Into Handwriting

This course developed by the Handwriting Without Tears program is used to teach teachers how to teach handwriting.  Nicole will add customized value to each lesson based on your needs.

Legible Handwriting In the classroom©

Easily embedd handwriting strategies that will improve your students handwriting.

The talk about teacher training...

"The workshop was great because the information was broken down by age with tons of examples and case studies."
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"We need more workshops like this!"
" I am going back to my classroom with lots of ideas that are based on development -wonderful workshop!"
Pre school Teacher

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